"Quartzes are piezoelectric. That means that they produce electricity when undergoing a mechanical stress. This seems an appropriate definition in relation to the work that we do here at Thin Consolation: the ancient craft of excavating and polishing uncut stones and making them transmit electricity. This is most probably a relic of more glorious times when our ancestors made a living digging through the dirt in search of coal. This particular quartz is the work of Richard Colvaen, a prolific Wallifornian beat-maker, who took his first steps as a member of the romantically inclined Fist Fucking Crew - whose only album leaves nasty stains under the nails - and later as part of the indigenous supergroup Bretzel Zoo. He's also guilty of collaborating with the likes of Herrmutt Lobby [once again here on the final track "Colvak"], Gajah Polymorpheous, Non from Shadow Huntaz, and Dynooo." (label info)
in stock | BE| 2012| m-/m-| THIN CONSOLATION | 8.00

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