"In installation form, Meta consists of four transducers that are attached to the wall on each corner of a perfectly drawn six foot square. Meta is also a quadraphonic piece, composed to be spatially moving along the four assigned channels. When the listener places his/her ear to the wall the work can be experienced differently every time activating not only the internal space of the wall but also the listener's focused ear. In this work Richard Garet focuses on investigating, exploring, and drawing attention to background noise and the sounds that we encounter in our common spaces. In many ways these sounds are derivative of our own experiences, actions, and living choices. They become emitted by commodities, means of communications, and our own relationships with technology and space. Meta references this, and it departs from the objectification of a mundane experience. On many occasions we encounter ourselves hearing something of which the source of the origin we do not recognize. Therefore in order to discover it we then find ourselves listening to the walls to come to understand that the sounds in fact are in the walls or coming from the other side of the wall." (label info)
in stock | US| 2015| LINE | 13.90

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