"As a sound artist, performer and composer, Richard Lerman traverses worlds of sound and music. For over forty years, he has been gathering, scanning, seeking sounds and creating works that weave through nature and draw upon living communities and memories in notable landscapes. (Some of his work references regrettable historical events such as the disappearance of Chilean citizens under General Pinochet' regime and the internment of Japanese-Americans during the World War II.) His recordings and performances rely on everyday objects and traditional instruments as well as basic, self-invented equipment and state-of-the-art technologies, as they were available since the 1960s. Lerman's scores and instructions are deceptively simple, yet produce extraordinary results. As a filmmaker, sound documentarian, installation artist, and collaborator with other artists, he demonstrates that his conception of sonic reality and musical experience is interdependent with visuality, motion, actual sites and moments, theatricality, live audiences, and politics. As the various pieces convey, his art takes him from studios and concert halls to cities and the outdoors worldwide." (from liner notes) 36 pp. booklet with japanese and english text and lots of photos.
in stock | JP| 2006| EM RECORDS | 23.90

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