"Rion are Ian Hawgood and Ryo Nakata, although both veterans of the scene this is their debut outing as a duo. Inspired by the magic of low light periods and the quietude of a summer spent in the countryside, Fireflies, is an album of organic, magical and hazy presence. was recorded over a two year period. Ryo recorded layers of drone guitar at home while Ian spent about a year gathering field recordings in parks and the countryside, as well as recording instruments such as Rhodes, church organ, harmonium, guitar and double bass in music shops, churches and so on. The idea was to keep the album fresh, improv-like and just quite unique in approach. All these elements were recorded to a small multitrack cassette and then multi-layered onto reels, no software or laptops were used." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2013| HIBERNATE MUSIC | 13.90

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