"A terrific 3-track 10" by the prolific german composer RLW (who started his activities back in the early 80's and was the main member of the legendary german experimental outfit P16.D4). The whole composition is based on only few seconds of piano-sounds and vocals and the track-titles & pieces offer strong inter-relations in a complex way. The used sounds develop through imagination & decay and appear in the pieces with different emphases. The "classical" piano-sounds and its highly processed permutations are set in contrast with the highly emotional voice-material, like entering a convoluted labyrinth of voice-frazzles, drones & fragmented strange sounds... Being on a microlevel, judging the decay of shadows. Are these the memories of single cells? The shadow of abrasion-processes? The slow decay of imaginations? A fantastic work where conceptual thoughts and emotionally driven acoustics merge in a perfect way." (label info) Edition of 500 copies.
in stock | DE| 2007| SUBSTANTIA INNOMINATA | 9.90

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