"The Rob(u)rang project, led by Gabriel Séverin, exists since 2000. As yet, there are only a handful of records. This time, G. Séverin draws his inspiration from yorùbá spells (collected in Nigeria and Benin), initially designed to cure diseases or solve problems. The results resemble raw afro rock full of lively percussion (warming up the chill of drum machines), led by a possessed, trance-inducing voice. Now and then, lighter moments and dub-like surprises pop up, pleasantly cooling things down before entering the next entranced state. On this recording Gabriel is helped by a few multi-instrumentalist friends: Xavier Klaine (Winter Family) on organs, Alain Lefebvre (Digital Dance, Durutti Column,Tuxedo Moon) on percussions, Quentin Hanon (aka Johnny Superglu, Fan Club Orchestra) on bass and guitar, Gil Mortio (Joy As A Toy, P.V.) on bass and guitar, Laurène Laroche (Babelouze) on flute and Céline Mouffe on clarinet. The booklet contains all the texts in yorùbá with their english translation." (label info)
in stock | BE| 2016| SUB ROSA | 9.90

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