""String Quartet' was composed as the potential orchestra for an opera based on the text of "In Sara, Mencken, Christ and Beethoven There Were Men and Women." When the work was composed, in 1972, it was clear that a huge change in electronic instrumentation was just beginning, a change that would involve computers and sound producing devices as yet undreamed of. The piece consists of an electronic orchestra of 42 sound producing modules. The technique of the string quartet is for each player to make a stream of intentional but unpremeditated very short sounds, pulses, somewhat like pitched clicks, but with the formats and overtones of a string instrument. These sounds go directly to a set of four loudspeakers, but at the same time they are delayed electronically, and those delayed sounds are sent to a series of seven networks of sound producing modules activated by the very brief coincidence of an original sound and a delayed sound." (label info) vinyl version comes in gatefold sleeve, edition of 500 copies
in stock | IT| 2002| ALGA MARGHEN | 32.90

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