"The five pieces that comprise A Gradual Accumulation of Ideas Becomes Truth originate from a series of long form studio improvisations that were recorded, forgotten, and later edited over the course of a year. Using a modular synthesizer as the primary sound source, complex patches were constructed, recorded, and quickly dismantled, with the intention of using the stereo recordings as the basis for new compositions at a later date. This recuperative practice, first explored in Organs (2015, Dragon's Eye Recordings), was influenced by Crouch's growing interest in certain archeological spaces. After driving past the "Early Man Site" in the Mojave Desert, he later learned that it was an archeological site with contested historic significance. Despite credible evidence to suggest that there had been no pre-historic human activity at this site, the claims made by the site's founders have since become a kind of truth, evidenced by county highway signage, literature, and other institutional frames. As much as archeology is a process of recovery, it is also a means of cultural construction." (label info)
in stock | US| 2016| LINE | 13.90

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