"It would be easy to argue that Robert Dick is the most important living 20th century flutist. He might bridle at being called avant garde (and then again, he might not), but his explorations of extended flute technique have helped do for his instrument what Bertram Turetsky did for the string bass and John Cage for the piano -- opened up a new realm of tonal possibilities that had either never occurred to those before him, or which had never been extended quite as far as they could have been. Harmonic vocalization and the percussive smacking of keys, for example, are not new techniques, but they sound brand new in Dick's work. That said, Venturi Shadows is not for the faint of heart - don't go looking for humalong melodies here. "A Black Lake With a Blue Boat on It" features nifty backwards sampling courtesy of computer whiz Neil Rolnick, while "Further Down" showcases Dick's astounding tonal palette; his use of vocalisms and his ability to coax an enormous range of timbres from his flute will make you reassess the limitations of acoustic instruments. "Bassbamboo" is a charming piece in which Dick plays a percussion part on his bass flute while Steve Gorn (his frequent collaborator) traces an oriental melody around it on the bamboo bansuri. Much of the music on this disc is rather severe, but it's all rewarding." (label info)
in stock | US| 1991| m-/m-| OODISCS | 10.00

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