"In 1993 Robert Henke, now better known as Monolake, created a sound installation which ran for a few weeks in an office building. The positive reaction of the audience lead to a discussion about making a record out of it, which later became his first release. It went out of print a few years ago and now it is available again, newly packaged, in a second edition. "Piercing Music", is a one hour journey into a dark, warm and sometimes pretty noisy world, full of artificial life, created long before the terms "glitch" or "microsampling" were real words. This is probably Robert Henke's most serious academic work, composed using controlled random distributions to create a synthetic structure which behaves "naturally"; this is achieved by deconstructing sound into tiny little particles and embeding them into a grid of slow permutating deep drones. Most sounds are derived from recordings of water, transformed into crisp spikes of noise with occasional low bursts. It was produced using one of the first versions of, the current state of the art music software, "MAX" with a minimum of other equipment; but, nonetheless, already embodied the typical depth and width which has come to characterize his releases as monolake. The repackaged re-release, on Robert Henkes own label imbalance computer music, comes redesigned by visual artist Alexej Paryla, with technical liner notes." (label info)
in stock | DE| 1994| IMBALANCE | 14.90

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