"Robert Horton made a monumental splash into the scene of free music in 2005. With nearly 30 years of experience under his belt, the catalog of recordings he's accumulated is enough to make even the most prolific artists blush. After taking a hiatus from releasing music from the mid 90s until now, the dam finally broke in 2005 with the release of Angel Humming Through Wire on Foxglove. Ever since, Horton has released albums on Celebrate Psi-Phenomenon, Jyrk, Important, Nosordo, Last Visible Dog and more. Dirt Speak is Horton's first solo CD release under his own name. When he plays with close collaborators Tom Carter (of Charalambides), Yellow Swans, and others, Horton takes on the role of primary curator. He weaves his magic into the sounds of others with mathematical precision. In his solo works, he takes this boundless inspiration and pushes it even further. Organic, insular drones are the backbone of Dirt Speak, but the heavy tinges of folk, jazz, and musique concrète are equally important to its unique sound. Horton will use anything that makes any kind of sound as a source for his music. In addition to more traditional instrumentation, Dirt Speak also features the use of vibrators, an electric toothbrush, and even the sound of contact mics in a fire." (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| DIGITALIS | 8.90

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