"Side A and B include the live rendering (realization?) of two Walter Marchetti sound works previously issued on CD by alga marghen. a 25 min excerpt of "Nei mari del sud. Musica in secca" and one painful variation from "de musicorum infelicitate". The performance of those tape pieces was conceived as an action theatre event. Side C includes the recording of Robert Ashley's "Yes, but is it Edible?", a composition for piano and voice dedicated to Thomas Buckner who performs it with the composer. This 27:30 min long piece is a true masterpiece, with Robert Ashley introducing us to creation and coincidence, space and time, private parts and characters, with direct references to the ONCE group and his friends David Behrman, Alvin Lucier, Gordon Mumma, Pauline Oliveros, Terry Riley, "Blue" Gene Tyranny, George Manupelli, as well as Maria Calas and Patsy Cline, Elvis and Lennon, Monteverdi, pop music, Irish and Jewish new-comer's Broadway musica parody of America, Lloyd-Weber, "Saturday Night Life", Chinese opera, mariachi bands, country music and much more. Side D includes "Practical Anarchism", a touching homage that Robert Ashley dedicated to Walter Marchetti. Previously published as a text by alga marghen in the booklet of "Antibarbarus" CD, this is actually the first time ever that this piece for solo voice, performed by the same Robert Ashley, is made available on record. Here Robert Ashley mainly refers to Walter Marchetti's trip in the States, touring with ZAJ in the early 1970s at the invitation of John Cage who considered ZAJ "the only composers of genius and dignity". Also on side D is "Musica per un bicchiere non molto grande", an early ZAJ piece by Walter Marchetti, performed here by Robert Ashley. (label info) limited edition of 300 copies.
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2007| CHOOSE RECORDS | 31.90

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