"Fourth soloist album and debut on vinyl format by musician and visual artist ROBERTO OPALIO of radical avant-garde duo My Cat Is An Alien. 'Aurora Coelestis' presents two new instantaneous compositions for glockenspiel and voice, recorded in March 2014 at his Alien Studio for audiovisual arts, Torino, Italy. For the first time his musical work is mainly instrumental: 'Aurora Coelestis' is Roberto Opalio's homage to early minimalism. The work is intended to be listened to at soft volume level, quietly in a room. The same glockenspiel used in the recording has then been cut into pieces to become the core of the spectacular art gallery edition of the album. This is a private press, handcrafted by Roberto and Maurizio Opalio and released on their own legendary Opax Records. 165 gram black vinyl housed in tri-fold jacket made of fine art 250 gram clear blue textured cardboard, with 12"x16" full color folded cover/insert featuring a portrait of the artist taken by Maurizio Opalio on front and a photographic image by Roberto Opalio on the inside, plus full liner notes. Foreword insert by Byron Coley. The album comes with 3 collector's editions cover art: each cover features 1 of 3 different 4"x6" original photographs shot by Roberto Opalio mounted on back, representing diverse perspectives of the glockenspiel used by the artist during the session. Handnumbered and handstamped. Limited Private Press of 200." (label info) with download code
in stock | IT| 2014| OPAX RECORDS | 19.90

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