Catherine Schubilske, violin; Scott Tisdel, cello; William Helmers, clarinet, bass clarinet; Shawn Mauser, bassoon; Dennis Najoom, trumpet; Stefanie Jacob, piano; Thomas Wetzel, percussion; Neal Gittleman, Conductor "Whether classic montuno or contemporary salsa, vibrant or serene, the beat of Roberto Sierra's music is unmistakably Latin American, specifically Puerto Rican. "The montuno rhythm is an inevitable inspiration for me," says Sierra. "Because I am Puerto Rican, my music is Puerto Rican. Always. The wealth of images I have I mind refers to that place where I grew up, to the sounds, the colors, the sunshine, the Puerto Rican sky. Even the more abstract music has an accent that points to where I was born. Then again, Puerto Rico is part of the world and, like the rest of the world, it eventually merges into something larger. There may be other sources of inspiration for me, of course," he adds, musing on examples of Norway's fjords to Cayuga Lake, New York. "But the integral part would still be Puerto Rico."" (LABEL INFO)
in stock | US| 1996| COMPOSERS RECORDINGS INC. | 6.90

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