"Apart from being recognised as two of Australia's leading improvising musical forces, Clayton Thomas and Robin Fox are also acknowledged for their unrelenting experiments and divergent acoustic approaches in relation to their instrument of choice. Over the past 3 years, Robin Fox has developed some of the most powerful live processing tools in Australia through his research with MAXMSP. Clayton Thomas on the other hand has expanded his performance styles, moving between blistering free jazz explosions to introverted and delicate expanded preparations on his 100 year old double bass. The results of this pairing are, as you'd expect, are as diverse as they are spectacular. Unrelenting double bass movements are reprocessed into microtonal washes of sound - vibrated objects are transformed into uncharacteristic acoustic phenomena. This record expands on the techniques of electro-acoustic traditions and aligns both acoustic and electronic sounds in an integrated sonic environment where the lines between player and machine, instrument and processing are blurred and redefined." (label info)
in stock | AU| 2005| ROOM40 | 13.90

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