"Robin Hayward has completely redefined the tuba as sound-producing medium, releasing a sonic potential which ranges between the extremes of noise and microtonality, In the title for his solo CD/LP, Hayward refers to the hypnotic pressure of air in contact with the material and to the resulting mental and physical states of these virtuosic and minimal efforts. Upon first listening, one finds it unimaginable that many of these sounds can be produced on a tuba, but Hayward has dedicated his life not only to empirical experimentation, but also to the academic scientific study of the acoustics of brass instruments. In these extraordinary recordings there is no cultural intermediary - it is as if we find ourselves inside the instrument itself, being pushed back and forth against the walls of a giant membrane or tunnel; left to our own metaphors and imaginary devices: perceiving natural processes, minimal music, mechanical movement, Techno associations etc. Robin Hayward, born in Brighton in 1969, has been based in Berlin since 1998. His specific playing ability has been utilized by composers such as Alvin Lucier and Christian Wolff. He has toured extensively both solo and in collaboration with other musicians and has performed his own compositions for tuba internationally. His research to date has been documented in his solo CD Valve Division and various collaborative releases." (Arnold Dreyblatt) limited to 300 copies
in stock | DE| 2010| CHOOSE RECORDS | 15.90

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