"Rodney Keith Eskelin, aka Rodd Keith, aka Rod Rogers, would've certainly found the recognition during his lifetime that his talent demanded, if he hadn't chosen to work in the lowest depths of the music industry: the "send us your lyrics" field, known today as the song-poem genre. Saucers In The Sky gathers together twenty-six previously uncollected Rodd Keith gems from the hundreds upon hundreds of songs that he recorded before he leapt from a highway overpass in 1974." (label info) "He was a '60s Bob Pollard...beyond the weird lyrics, many of the songs on Saucers In The Sky are just wonderful pop songs, with great melodies and strange, unexpected chord progressions...whereas most song-poems sound like the rush jobs they usually were, Keith's are surprisingly detailed, with weird production ideas, verses and choruses that actually make sense together, and good performances...a virtuosic songwriter." (Dusted)
in stock | US| 2005| ROARATORIO | 10.90

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