"A grin, a comb over and a staring contest into a toilet that refuses to flush, and most importantly a jolly good -but rather slowed down- time! Rodger Stella, a known downer from the upper shelf of Macronympha, where rusted metals lay next to a box of Methadone and a big jar of green water, where "Dolophine", Rodger's stinky dolphin, is trying hard to find his way out, and where I wouldn't have expected an acoustic guitar. Most recordings on this lp are indeed made with a piece of wood with six strings on it, in more popular cultures known as the acoustic guitar, other parts are created with a leaking shortwave radio. It makes for a high, downer blues syndrome, reversed and played back within that second you are stuck in while everyone else stands still. Limited to 200 copies, comes in a silkscreened collage cover of a picture of Mr Meow Town (Rodger's cat), and an offset printed insert." (label info)
in stock | BE| 2014| ULTRA ECZEMA | 18.90

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