ROGER 23 - MENSCH 001 (LP)

"Roger 23 cherishes the art of the understatement. A recording career spanning 13 years has seen him take his craftsmanship and knowledge to uninhibited club music highlights. An important thread throughout all his releases has always been a distinct feel for space and experiment. Mensch Musik is therefore proud to present the Mensch 001 LP, an album that focuses on Roger's experimental and ambient productions. Featuring six tracks of downsized splendor, Mensch 001 is an intuitive listening trip that plays with repetition and abstraction. Melodic elements and spaced-out chords repeat themselves into mobile pauses. Narrative intentions are counterpointed with a sense of desertion and meaningful emptiness. In the album's focus on the understatement lies the grandiose. A subtle and minimal way of producing gives way to the unaffected nature of these tracks. Mensch 001 is ambient music as it is seldom made. Effortless, yet deep. Intuitive, yet bearing a plethora of meanings. Its phased-out eccentricity leading the way, it is equally as confronting as it is soothing." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2015| MENSCH | 13.90

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