"Morphei is a soundtrack to a dream. A nighty-night record designed to make you wake up and listen. Inspired by that in between state of wake and dreaming, when you're not quite sure whether you're asleep or not, this record presents a stream of realities seamlessly floating into each other, layers of events of acoustic and digital nature mingle; hear the Light-switch singing a duet with the Feedback-mixer, traces of Scandinavian wildlife intertwine with a tropical forest of digital insects, or hear the timestretched Teaspoon having a conversation with the Snow-balls of Thonk... you get the picture. Ronnie Sundin (b.1973) is trained in visual art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Umeå, Sweden and mostly works with sound or sound-related matters in a borderland between the art-scene and the music-scene."
in stock | SE| 2002| HÄPNA | 13.55

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