"The Amateur Hermetic is an album about a nomadic lifestyle of moving to a new flat every second year, about feeding children and getting lost in occult references and religious doubts, about growing a beard. Isolation. The Philosopher's Stone. It is also about recording the sound of your own voice and transforming it into music, to take a part of yourself and shape it into something unrecognisable and alien to yourself. The lack of sleep. Fire, Wind, Water, Earth. The black monolith. To let go of reality and slip into the dream. It is also about people who tried to transform things, themselves and explore the inner secrets of nature through the use of alchemy. Angels. Queens. Peasants. Persian bread with peanut butter and lingonberry jam. It was conceived in springtime, in moonlight, with drunks howling in the dark outside the window - forever lost, still searching for that missing purpose, that inner light, that furnace of life, love, wealth and rejuvenation." (label info)
in stock | SWE| 2007| KOMPLOTT | 13.90

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