"The internationally highly acclaimed jazz quartet Root 70 (Nils Wogram, Jochen Rueckert, Matt Penman and Hayden Chisholm) play their favorite songs from Flanger and Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players. Most original titles come from the Nonplace releases from 2000-2004. The predominantly programmed and electronically conceived pieces experience the finest acoustic makeover possible. All songs were arranged for trombone, saxophone, drums and double bass by Hayden Chisholm and were dubbed in their final stages by Burnt Friedman himself. The musical spectrum on Heaps Dub ranges from jazz, dub reggae, Latin jazz, odd grooves and more reconstructive mayhem. These songs cross the borders of the most traditional jazz while being naturally reproduced in Friedman's own genuine electronic style." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2006| NONPLACE | 14.52

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