"When one thinks of the musical centers of New Zealand, the city of Tauranga doesn't have as celebrated a history as Dunedin, Auckland or Christchurch. Which is apt, in a way, as the artist known to us only as Rotate The Completor makes music that sounds unconnected to any scene in NZ or elsewhere. A chance encounter with an enthusiastic passerby while busking on the streets led to the receipt of a home-recorded cassette, which caught the ears of the outsider music community, although any attempts at personal correspondence with its creator from his new admirers went ignored. Armed with a guitar, kick-drum, and vocal stylings which wouldn't sound out of place on an early Residents record, Rotate The Completors: Completed Rotations Of The. is the sound of a one-man band playing at a carnival that's gone off the rails. RTC's other- / inner-wordly songs are a strangely addicting brew of low-fi bedroom pop, proggy loner folk and bouncy children's music, with such lyrical concerns as beer-stealing cantaloupes, dead albino hedgehogs, and emphatic denials of insanity. Roaratorio is proud to present Rotate The Completors: Completed Rotations Of The., newly mastered for vinyl, to a wider audience for the first time. Download coupon included." (label info)
in stock | US| 2010| ROARATORIO | 14.90

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