"Daniel Rozenhall is the hidden master of obscure experimental music in Sweden, with a close relationship to the Elektronmusikstudion EMS in Stockholm and the Fylkingen venue, record label and organisation. He has a very limited catalogue; two excellent LPs came out on Firework Edition Records in 2001 and 2003 and a criminally forgotten CD on Kning Disk in 2008. We are proud to release his most recent work on this ultra limited vinyl LP, packaged in a beautiful cover with artwork by Rozenhall's close collaborator, the film maker Sten Backman, and designed by Allon Kaye of Entr'acte. Rozenhall's music is rich, rough, colourful and filled with hallucinogenic imagination. This is uneasy listening, but rewarding and highly unique. There is nothing like this out there right now, but I would like to see some connections to artists like Organum, Werkbund and even Nurse With Wound. Listening to his compositions is like being sucked into a black hole. Unearthly music from an unearthly artist." (label info) numbered edition of 99 copies
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in stock | SE| 2019| IDEAL RECORDINGS | 25.24

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