"The Glasgow based group Rude Pravo consist of performance artist Cara Tolmie, musician Stevie Jones and artist filmmaker Luke Fowler. On this the first record documenting the addition of vocalist Cara Tolmie; Pravo present a set of intriguingly contorted, self-produced songs and compositions - akin to those from the heyday of Rough Trade, Sky or Recommended Records. The palette and maturity of Rude Pravo's music has greatly evolved over the last 10 years when founding members Jones and Fowler's began making electronic music in their bedrooms mixing 'rock' instrumentation with computer sequencing. This 6 track EP documents a series of social and artistic process which eschews both the individualism of computer based music and the asceticism of composed music, creating instead a Janus headed creature - the seemingly 'normal' heteradelph's daughter, who is perhaps represented on the cove, cycling through a French nature reserve. Rude Pravo likewise, explore both musical and non-musical territory, unburdened by history, fashion or commerce. Limited Edition of 500 Vinyl. Artwork by Peter Fischli and Norm.Zurich." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2011| SHADAZZ | 9.26

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