"Eternity Spans was recorded in March of 2006 by Rusty Santos and Jesse Lee, with the help of their friend Paul Choe who assisted with the production. The song material and sounds were derived from RS's live sets that were performed over the previous year. Rusty and Jesse started playing together live in February and subsequently toured with the material in Japan after finishing the album. Eternity Spans in a sense is largely influenced by Bowie's Low album -- pop songs set beside ambient pieces, but here differs from Low in that the ambient and pop songs are placed side by side instead of on side A and side B. It also differs from that musical era most fundamentally because the sounds have emerged from the current musical environment in New York City, rather than mid-seventies prog rock. Since returning from Japan, Rusty and Jesse have spent their summer playing mostly in random spaces throughout New York, working out new sounds and ideas over extended live sets and improvising with various musician friends in the city. In this current arrangement, both Jesse and Rusty sing while Rusty plays guitars and samples and Jesse plays the drums. Such performances have been held at The Journal Gallery, Monkey Town, Tonic, Sculpture Center, Todd P. events, Singapore Crab Festival, rooftop parties, and on WPRB in Princeton, New Jersey. Rusty and Jesse have played together since growing up in the same town in California." (LABEL INFO)
in stock | US| 2006| m-/m-| UUNITED ACOUSTIC REC | 6.00

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