"Based in Bristol (UK), Ryan Teague is a composer, producer and guitarist working in the field of electro-acoustic & minimalist composition. His music combines contemporary instrumentation and arrangements with electronics and processing. He also produces music and sound design for various Film and TV productions. Working with an array of instruments and sound sources, Ryan's music often blurs the line between organic and processed sound resulting in a unique range of soundscapes. The results are incorporated into a minimalist framework combining structured composition with improvised spontaneity making for highly original contemporary works. Ryan has released music on labels such as Type Records, Sonic Pieces and Village Green, and has contributed to numerous compilations and other releases. He has subsequently worked with an array of musicians and ensembles and has toured internationally in support of these releases." (label info) 180 gram vinyl in heavyweight cardboard covers, downloadcode included. also available on CD
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2013| VILLAGE GREEN | 16.90

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