S.Q.E. - WAHID (7")

"S.Q.E. is the solo-project of J.GRECO now residing in New York City, who has worked with URE THRALL, KRIS FORCE, ALAN TRENCH, and others and released three full albums so far, now pointing into a more 'song-oriented'-direction than before ... The title of this EP WAHID means something like "independent" (also "alone" or "solo") in arabic language. The title-track on Side A is build on powerful oriental percussion, mixed with mesmerizing floating flute, drone- and e-bow-guitar-sounds, forming layers of harmonic overlapping... EPITAPH 3, the B-side, is less rhythmically structured and creates enormous space with backwards-sounds from cymbals and voices, deep drones and synth-layers at the base... two deeply mesmerizing tracks..." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2005| DRONE | 6.90

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