S.Y.P.H. - 4 (CD)

"Even before they'd properly decided to be a band, the members of SYPH were fans of Can who drove out to Holger Czukay's studio & hung around asking him annoying questions. As they started making recordings on their own, they played them for Czukay, and eventually asked him to produce/record them. The band didn't always like what Czukay did, as they thought he made them a little too persnickety for punk rock. And it's true, especially on this 4th one, they chug hypnotically just like Can. But the difference in their approach to their instruments (aka not knowing how to play so good) makes all the difference in the world, and the whole thing comes out darker & crustier." (label info) originally released on Pure Freude in 1981.
in stock | DE| 2012| MIG-MUSIC GMBH | 19.90

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