2012 Remix Album: CULT WITH NO NAME (contributions with Tuxedo Moon,Peter Gabriel, Peter Hammill, Stranglers, 17 Pygmies / the Band was nominated for the Exposure Music Awards in 2011) THE ANUBIAN LIGHTS (played with Farflung, Chrome, Hawkwind,Damo Suzuki, Adele Bertei, Brainticket, Nektar and many others) GARY LUCAS (worked with Capt. Beefheart, Lou Reed, Patti Smith, Bryan Ferry, Leonard Bernstein, John Cale, Iggy Pop, Allen Ginsberg, Dr. John, Van Dyke Parks, Jeff Buckley) GUDRUN GUT (central female of early german punk scene / founder/member of Mania D., Einstürzende Neubauten, Malaria, Matador) WERNER HARSCHEID (worked with numerous bands,like Sooncome, Xing, S.Y.P.H., Lee 'Scratch' Perry) JOJO WOLTER (played on nearly each record of S.Y.P.H. / recorded with Bit/s, Doc Schoko, Uwe X., Artcore, Xing, Chris Eckman, Stefan Wood, Michael Karoli / performed with Sooncome, Barbara Manning) CHRIS ECKMAN (The Walkabouts, Chris & Carla, Dirtmusic, The Frictions, L/O/N/G / collaborated with The Bambi Molesters, The Strange, Brian Eno, Peter Buck, R.E.M., Vlado Kreslin, Tosca, Transmissionary Six, Phill Brown) ALDO IVAN?I? (electronic underground legend from Slovenia / Siddartha, Melodrom, Katice, The Stroj, Bast) PHANTON (sound designer, producer, engineer / mixed 1989 the european mega-hit "Lambada") EMIL & DIE DETEKTIVE (Emilio Winschetti - Mythen in Tüten, Perc meets the hidden Gentleman, Oh God! Machine Sex, Mint Addicts) BEATE BARTEL (Mania D., Einstürzende Neubauten, Matador) KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF (released since 1996 10 records) RAMBO AMADEUS (mega-star in Ex-Yugoslavia / is often referred to as "Zappa" of the Balkans) FRIEDER BUTZMANN (german electronic pioneer and legend / collaborated with Genesis P-Orridge (Throbbing Gristle),Thomas Kapielski, Santrra Oxyd, Blixa Bargeld) DOC SCHOKO & KONRAD SPRENGER (supported for Blumfeld, Fehlfarben, The Fall) SCHNEIDER TM (Hip Young Things, Locust Fudge) KNARF RELLÖM & DJ PATEX (a central figure of the "Hamburger Schule", the german-language-pop-movement) BRANDSTIFTER (musician and performance-artist / founder of the "asphaltbibliotheque")
in stock | DE| 2012| MIG-MUSIC GMBH | 16.90

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