"Saralunden and Kyrre Björkås met 2002 in Riga when Sara was performing at an art exhibition. After Sara's first visit to Oslo at a show where Kyrre was singing "What a Wonderful World" with a fantastic dark voice accompanied with music arranged by his friend Andreas Mjös, Sara knew that what she wanted the most, was to make duets with this Norwegian dark voice. Inspired by Kyrre's voice, Sara wrote three songs and they started to work together in Kyrre's room in Oslo trying to create a mutual sound on the computer. In early 2004 Andreas and Kyrre packed the Jaga Jassist van in Oslo full with instruments and two new songs that Kyrre had written for the project. They headed towards Stockholm and Sara's place, where they stayed for two weeks working day and night to record these five songs. Nexsound opens a new series of CDs - NEXSOUND PQP (pickup) which is dedicated to more accessible music than Nexsound usually has a passion to release." (label info)
in stock | ua| 2007| NEXSOUND | 7.90

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