"Electro vs contempo - The " electronic stroller " Robin Rimbaud, explorer of urban interstices, was the first to answer our call and met with Jean-Paul Dessy in London to elaborate an approach to deterritorialized co-composition: cello sounds sampled during short improvisations and later reworked by Scanner; electronic sequences and textures chosen by the Belgian composer and for which he wrote strings parts. These are the terms of a dynamic exchange resulting in a work open to both digital gesture and acoustic composition. In addition to this piece, which is the centre panel of this album's triptych, Scanner and Jean-Paul Dessy each offered a solo electronics piece: the first integrating string sounds produced by the second, the latter choosing to strip down a previous composition of all its acoustic instruments, keeping only its animalistic essence (wolves and whales' cries) and treatments." (label info)
in stock | BE| 2005| SUB ROSA | 9.90

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