All music was recorded in the 70's, all based around the unique and traditional polyphonic music of the 16th century, featuring, next to the two mentioned artists, an impressive range of guest musicians/artists. Daniel Schell is of course known from the projects COS and KARO with releases on Made To Measure / Crammed Discs and PASCALE SON was part of that Cos project too. Than there's MICHEL BERCKMANS, one of the influential musicians of UNIVERS ZERO and AKSAK MABOUL and ILONA CHALE, a cult vocalist who released a track on the 'Noises' compilation on Kamikaze, way back. These are just a few of the artists that collaborate on this archive album. The CD contains the original Freebird production plus new pieces, based on the old ones. The digipack CD contains a booklet in which Daniel Schell tells about his search for the real traditional music from the low countries and about Egmont, who died on a scaffold on the Grande Place in Brussels. His martyr death represents the cultural genocide ordered by Philippe II, who took the lives of 15.000 other men, mostly Flemish rebels who were against the Spanish occupation of the low lands, the so called Gueux.
in stock | DE| 2003| MUAIQUE BELGIQUE ARC | 14.90

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