"Third or fourth full length from Joe the carpenter (whether or not you count the reissue of the Erdrauchharnschleck cassette on LP last year, or the His Master's Cosmic Music/Schlammpeitziger LP on Gefriem) after the (deep breath) Freundlichbaracudamelodieliedgut and Spacerokkmountainrutschquartier full lengths of yore. Featuring yet more lush pop made with the same Casio CZ-230S & the little battery powered Yamaha sampler he's used for years now both in the studio and live. Quite brilliant, eclipsing any of the similarly themed but far less informed efforts being laid to tape by certain legions of American post-indie dropouts (those fools!). Necessary." (Hrvatski)
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in stock | DE| 2000| A-MUSIK | 9.90

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