A shimmering, mesmerizing 2nd album from the Cologne's Jo Zimmermann's (whose performance name of Schlammpeitziger gets easier and easier to pronounce the more we get used to it). Reminds you of the construction of really classic era Cluster works imbued with the shifting electronic perspective of Zimmermann's contemporaries, Mouse on Mars. Another A-Musik breakthrough album that is going to blow a lot of people away. "Jo Zimmermann's second full length delivery for A-Muzik. An unconventional, yet accessible sound-cosmos. This time it's not about south-pacific harmonies (Freundlichbaracudamelodieliedgut), but the comfortable atmosphere of a child's dream or the soundtrack to an amateurish, lo-fi videofilm. Friendly keyboard melodies, soft, casual beats and rythyms. Narrative tracks like 'Himmndentritt' take turns with repetitive pop tracks as 'Mausfaltenfripp'. Engineered by Mouse On Mars' Jan Werner."
in stock | DE| 2000| A-MUSIK | 9.90

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