"Schlammpeitziger has released nine albums in the 18 years he's been making music. He has grown together with his home town of Cologne just as he has with his use of the synthesizer, the only tone-generator used on the new album. Schlammpeitziger is loved for his playful melodies and exuberant, clattering rhythms. This sound-aesthetic, with all its quirks and strangeness, has become second nature to him. And "Vorausschauende Bebauung" is no exception - he remains his unmistakable self, but at the same time Schlammpeitziger has never stood still. The album is made for the big screen. Schlammpeitziger cites Cosmic Disco, Nu Disco and himself as the main influences on the album. So he's finally arrived in the club. The depths which were always present in Schlammpeitziger's psychedelic moments here become a trip. The beats are gripping and have a sharpness and punch. The cold synthetic disco sound on the new album is a long way from the private intimacy of previous works. In many ways it sounds dark and ominous." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2011| SONIG | 9.90

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