"Schlammpeitziger's album yields even more fruit. Six weeks after the release of his longplayer "What's Fruit" Pingipung releases this 12inch EP with remixes. The motley set of six electronic musicians and bands dice Schlammpeitziger's countless melodies into a delicious fruit salad! Candie Hank (Patric Catani) deals with the title track "What's Fruit" and beams the mantra-like vocals of the original unerringly to the dancefloor. Andreas Dorau, the infamous hero of German New Wave music form the 80s, is a year long companion of Schlammpeitziger. He sings about autumn leaves, on top of the instrumental hit "Balcony Sofaune", which is transformed into a disco piece by Dorau's producer sdfkt. Springintgut dedicates himself to the complex melodic layers of "Pipe Claphorse", waves a giddy tambourine and tops it off with a three voiced cello chorus. The B side is opened by Mouse On Mars who turn "Balcony Sofaune" into an ever growing and collapsing bass monster, while focusing on the bold brass theme of the original. Thomas Mahmoud Zahl slows it down with a head-nodder. He thwarts the melancholy of "Schneid ein Stück aus der Zeit" with a stoically bouncing beat, which dubs and grooves like it wants to go on forever. Dub-Master hey (one half of Pingipung's Hey-O-Hansen) sends the same track through his studio, offers new harmonies with his quiet acoustic guitar and sugars it all with a galactic vocoder." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2014| PINGIPUNG | 9.50

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