""Extruder" is the second unreleased album from the 1987 collaboration between Conrad Schnitzler and Siegmar Fricke who composed and made several tapes of session-material during their musical meetings in Berlin. All recordings produced, arranged and mastered by Siegmar Fricke at Pharmakustik-studio. The album contains high doses of hydraulically driven energy generated by the complex analogue equipment. Microformed soundpools of cold extrusion collide with voltage-controlled pulsations, tape-echoed modulations and eruptive sound-deformations. Acoustically and graphically, "Extruder" continues in the excellent "Schwarz-Rot-Blau"-series by Conrad like the pre-released "Kontraktion". The audiochemists Conrad Schnitzler and Pharmakustik develoed a timeless and uncompromising masterpiece of audiomechanical engineering. Numbered edition of 450 copies, on black vinyl." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | FR| 2018| ROTORELIEF | 25.90

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