"The Schwabinggrad Ballett was founded in 2000 at an antiracist No Border camp. The group developed a flexible performing strategy, with which it wants to create confusion, to break up old forms, to politicize and reactivate. The Schwabinggrad Ballett is an open collective and understands itself as part of a network, which among other activities runs the Buttclub in Hamburg, which in turn organizes discussions, readings, exhibitions, concerts and reading groups. Members of the Schwabinggrad Ballett are: Der Buttclub, Thomas Butteweg, Christine Eder, Ekkehard Ehlers, Ted Gaier, Bernadette Hengst, Frank John, Thomas Lörtsch, Heiko Marn, Roberto Ohrt, Peter Ott, DJ Patex, Tina Petersen, Knarf Rellöm, Christoph Schäfer, Barbara Schulz, Christine Schulz, Christoph Twickel, Kathrin Wildner, Frank Will. So take notes, you music journos (you may copy this for free): 'The Schwabinggrad Ballett is a mobile task force comprised of musicians and non-musicians, political activists and artists which has arisen from a debating club in Hamburg called the Buttclub. It is a band for anticyclical processions in support of anarchic and subversive actions.' 'An incredible record. Seventeen killertracks between caterwauling and 'the collective'. Seventeen sips of musical rotgut between punk and Penderecki. Seventeen pieces of adutainment between the critical mass and massive criticism. Really difficult and really beautiful.'" (Christoph Twickel)
in stock | DE| 2005| STAUBGOLD | 10.90

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