"Debut by Julia Bünnagel, Patricia Koellges and Tamara Lorenz who have a background in the visual arts. The title SPECTODRAMA goes back to a concept by Xanti Schawinsky, a Bauhaus artist who developed his ideas of expanding theatrical possibilities by integrating sound, light and forms as elements equal to the actors. Sculptress of Sound do alike in their multifaceted performances, weaving abstract stories by means of voice, custom-made instruments, bass guitar and synths along with overhead projections, visual effects and objects. Softness meets hysteria in SOS's music: word collage, drony sounds and noisy elements form a peculiar landscape, immersing us into a feverish world where jewels seem to work as some kind of strange attractor and Andy Warhol is being deconstructed." (label info) edition of 300 copies
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in stock | DE| 2014| MAKIPHON | 11.90

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