"Rats=Arts=Star" is the debut album of Cologne based computer musician Sebastian Hammerschmidt. His sonic excursions focus on the mathematics of electronic glitch sounds, which are interfused with melodic interludes, noisy breakdowns and strange rhythmic developments. Although Hammerschmidt's compositions and improvisations show an interest in academic sound research, they never get into the rut of becoming to complicated or even dogmatic. His tracks always have a catchy side, sometimes they even sound like electronically deconstructed pop songs. However they still retain an otherwordly abstractness constituted by unusual harmonic structures, playful arrangements and weird digital textures. "Rats=Arts=Star" should definitely appeal to people who like the works of Belgian soundcrafters Tuk and KöHN or even the scientific experiments of laptop wizard Florian Hecker. (label info)
in stock | DE| 2006| m/m-| BLACKGAPDEATHTRAP | 9.90

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