"Revers Ouest* is a radiophonic work based on text fragments drawing a futuristic and mental description of the Nantes city. It's an isolated utopist vision of architecture, buildings made like concrete waves. The texts are read by two actors, whose voices are used as a musical material and digitally processed, becoming a ghostly trail of the characters they represent. The piece, by mixing a fragmented story with heavily processed acoustic sources, aims to intricate radio art genres like documentary and hörspiel with more 'musical' forms such as electroacoustic and contemporary classical music. The first version of the piece was commissioned by Sonor festival and co-produced by La Muse en Circuit. It was premiered on the 31/03/2007 in Lieu Unique (Nantes)." (label info)
in stock | AU| 2007| ROOM40 | 13.55

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