Double hybrid LP: One LP on black vinyl and one LP on clear fuchsia vinyl and picture disc artwork on the back side (first time!). Hand-made 3D emblem cover with 4 cut corners (first time here as well!). Tracks: Side A: East to West, Side B: Veiled Gallery, Side C: Goodbye Asphodel, side D: picture disc. Side A: originally released by Earjerk Records on the East to West cassette. Recorded at Randy Street Bunker by Endless 2009. Side B: originally released by Brave Mysteries on the Veiled Gallery cassette. Recorded August 2009 at the Harvest House and St. Mary of the Oaks by Nathaniel Ritter and Clay Ruby. Side C: previously unreleased. Recorded 2010 at Br. Early's Greenhouse by Endless. Artworks: David Stearns. Design, editing, mastering: EP/Sagittarius A-Star. "Of all the records I got from 2000 to 2010, a coupla by Second Family are among my fav... they remind me a bit the good old Sunburned Hand of the Man (or at least that tradition) but of course, with their own unique sound. Anyway, I wrote them... Tony kindly sent me stack of stuff... I selected & compiled a few things and they kindly agreed without exception. I also invited the Family to the first Sagittarius A-Star night at ISSUE, NYC back in 2011: when I met them I was engulfed by their very aromatic, smokey aura... their set was very late (3rd) but even so, before coming to the stage they put on a kind of background tape/music and disappeared.... weird sounds filled the air and immediately I was in some other place.... to me they got that magic touch. those particular vibes also saturate these three long sides; a very peaceful music, ideal for late night shows or esoteric rituals..." (label info) limited to 200 copies
in stock | IT| 2013| SAGITTARIUS A-STAR | 27.90

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