special offer! "Over one year in the making, Plays is Secret Mommy's crowning achievement. Although written in a vernacular native to Secret Mommy, a language of splintered electronic mischief and jarring digital edits, Plays is no doubt an outing from previous work. Unlike the rigid and regimented creative processes of previous work (Very Rec, 2005, created entirely from recordings of public recreational centres, or Hawaii 5.0, 2004, created from the sounds of tropical areas), Plays is looser in this area, focusing instead on achieving warmth and personality. In January 2006, Andy Dixon, AKA Secret Mommy, booked time at The Hive, a studio owned and operated by his long-term friend and ex band mate, Jesse Gander. Dixon had decided that it was time to showcase his experience as a guitarist, songwriter, and lyricist, and take advantage of the fact that, due to this experience, his core group of friends consisted almost entirely of other musicians and writers. Dixon invited an assembly of fellow musicians (Juno award winning violinist, Jesse Zubot; Todd Macdonald, Tyr Jami, and Paul Patko of THE WINKS; Shane Krause and Ryan McCormick of THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON'T THEY?; Sean Maxey, Berry Higginson, and Sarah Jane of THE DOERS, and many more) to record hours of material, sometimes expanding on riffs and motifs pre-written by Andy, but more often the group embraced the magic of improvised chance." (label info)
in stock | CA| 2006| ACHE RECORDS | 4.90

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