"Campbell Kneale once explained that to describe Wellingtons Seht as drone music is much the same as describing Antarctica as white. Where as many of us utilise the drone as an ingredient, a point of departure, Stephen Clover's Seht project distils drones to craft something very like a fine liquor. 'One Moment', the 35 minute first track on 'Dead Bees' is Clovers somnambulant ambient drone masterpiece. A famous insomniacs grand fantasy of sleep. Setting sail with the gentle sound of submerged bells one sinks deeper as lush rich tones gradually merge into a swell of dreamscape waves. Deeper still and one finds oneself glowing in a deep warm golden molasses that shimmers and sways until time somehow folds in upon itself and loses all meaning as ones consciousness shifts into angel gear for the lonnnng coast out. But Clover is also agent provocateur- a wry and acerbic wit. To say that there are surprises to follow is an understatement." (label info)
in stock | AUS| 2008| PSEUDO ARCANA | 6.90

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