"dub caroussels comes in cooperation with amsterdams bassculture foundaition and sozialistischer plattenbau. drops a heavy dub release that sitts between roots dub and dubstep. two tracks with additional dub versions are on this 45 vinyl and been added up with some derivats of the fx sounds from the tracks. Filtercutter (aka Stefan Miletic) is producer/beatmaker currently based in Belgrade. His music vary from 8bit/dubstep driven dancefloor bangers to easy an melancholic abstract beats, with no sticking to a certain bpm. Selektor Depender, Founder, programmer & producer from Bassculture Foundation Amsterdam. He is born and raised in an analog roots & culture style. His selection are positive with conscious vibrations and heavy basslines. His selektor style various for it all depends on the feel of the 'vibes' can expect a refreshing heavy and miscellaneous soundz from roots, reggae, digital steppa & other dub(core) niceness. It was around 2009 that Selektor Depender met Filtercutter in Amsterdam. They decided to work on a project that is called 'Dub Carusseles'. Working together on soundscapes and rythm's with the bass as main role. Trying to find a balance between all sounds and clips they put together from all kinds of 'carriers'; cassettes, mp3, vinyl and sirenebox. This resulted in the 'rootical' digidub tracks now released by sozialistischer'plattenbau label." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2012| SOZIALIST. PLATTENBAU | 10.90

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