"CD-only release. 6 piece live band from Berlin meets Nonplace hard drives. The experiment took place in June 2003. The formation Shank, a group of 6 passionate improvisers from Berlin set up their equipment in the large session room: rums / bass / guitar / percussion / trumpet / samplers and an insane amount of fx processors. The purpose: play music out of nothing. Former Recordings with Shank members include Teo Macero, Kevin Coyne, Jazzanova, Micatone, Orientation, Paul Brody Octet and Tanmoy Bose's Taaltantra. Tanmoy Bose is Ravi Shankar´s tabla player and one of India´s top Tabla-Players. Besides the musicians are known for the musical participation in award winning radioplays, dance-, theatre- and film-projects. As you can hear Shank think and act globally ; hence, the music on this nonplaced disc entitled "Do" can be described as Abstract Global Music combining acoustic, electrically amplified and electronic sound sources. Their independency from any determining musical categories is one of their greatest achievements." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2004| NONPLACE | 8.90

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