"With their second vinyl release, 'Hidden Dragon', Shetahr has become part of the KRAAK rooster. Each song is a potential hit combining polished anger with naive childlike rhymes. Be Prepared, If You Dare to Crawl. This trio is born out of the underbelly of the Bruxhells underground scene, and sound like that hellhole. It's the sound of the big city, raw, fast and wild. With their debut single and the hit song In the Woods of Africa they gave shape to the infamous crap wave revolution. Through their many energetic live shows, which blasted audiences away in Europe, they evolved into a tight unit writing short no wave songs based on poppy hooks. The ghost of Arto Lindsy and DNA is woven through their sound, if he would dance with the Beat Happening. Shetahr are ready to spit in your face on the moment that you find yourself unintended in the moshpit." (label info)
in stock | BE| 2016| K-RAA-K | 9.90

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