"Shortstuff continues his recent slew of productions for Ramp Recordings and Planet Mu, here fusing striking melodies with funky inspired percussion, unleashing 'Regression' - the yang to the ying of 'Progression' which appeared on a Formant Recordings 3 tracker earlier this year - and lending his synth styles to the open door attitude of Wigflex perfectly. On the flip Taylor's 'Squeege' takes the primitive stomp and computerized warble of the Scandinavian skweee movement - hence the throwback song title - and transports it into a more spacious tempo, fleshing out the delayed blips with knowing Boards of Canada style synth washes and arpeggiated chimes. With heavily stylised artwork, again provided by label boss Spam Chop, WF003 diversifies the sound of Wigflex, opening them up to the most experimental of dance floors whilst offering another welcome peep at the blossoming Nottingham scene." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2010| m-| WIGFLEX | 5.00

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