"Sightings second LP, Michigan Haters captures the sonic abandon that makes their performances such a liberating mindfuck. This Brooklyn by way of Motown trio pounds out an abrasive skronk that at first comes off as a pure denial. The primitivist, lurching rhythms, shuddery basslines and trebly guitar slashes seem conceived to prove that Sightings is more punk than you, and youre just not meant to understand. But then, wait a second. Youve been bruised, defeated, and suddenly youre floating in a river of psychedelic scree. Mark M. is yelping out some Lord of the Flies incantations. You cant pogo to it, but you can twitch all night. The violence of Michigan Haters flows in all directions; it destroys itself and the listener to reveal hidden conduits of sound, from the rubberized rumble of "Chili Dog" to the more bleached and angular "Guilty of Wrecking". Its a soundtrack for punching holes in walls and watching them bleed vital fluids. Sightings plays noise that hasnt been defused by aesthetic noodling; theyre not Sonic Youth and they dont want to be. Think DNA, Big Black, Keiji Haino if you have to think at all." (label info)
in stock | US| 2002| m-/m-| PSYCH-O-PATH | 10.00

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